David, it's not always about you.— Aquaman

Black Manta is a minor character in Harley Quinn, a member of the Legion of Doom and the archenemy of Aquaman.


Not much of his true behavior is known aside from his obvious animosity towards Aquaman, whom he addresses in the first person, as well as his violent disdain towards Dr. Psycho's racist comments.

Physical Appearance

Black Manta is never shown outside of his deep-sea suit, leaving his physical features currently unknown. However, it can be inferred that he is African-American (given that this is a hallmark of his character in the comic books and on account of Dr. Psycho's racially derogatory jokes towards him). His scuba-suit is a Navy Blue, segmented, form fitting outfit with dark blue colored shoulder guards, arm plates, neck brace, crotch and a diamond shape on his chest that stretches towards his naval area with a stripe. Several magenta colored stripes surround various parts of his suit, namely: one for each shoulder, two for each thigh, one stripe surrounding his belt region, two stripes beneath his torso and two more falling vertically around his neck. His most significant feature is his bulbous, ovoid-shaped helmet with similarly shaped magenta lenses. Two grey breathing tubes protrude from the back of his helmet and into his back.


  • Phil LaMarr's casting as Black Manta is ironic given that he previously voiced Manta's archenemy, Aquaman, on Young Justice.
  • LaMarr's casting is also coincidental with the fact that he starred as Black Vulcan on Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. In that show LaMarr's character resented Aquaman for giving him his superhero name, believing it to be a racial slur.
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