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Bruce Wayne, primarily known as Batman, is a major character in the animated series Harley Quinn. He is one of the leaders of the Justice League and the nemesis of the Joker.


Batman is a tall and muscular caucasian man. As Batman, he wears polymer body armor (batsuit) made from indestructible micro-fibers. His utility belt has gadgets for dealing with different situations. Finally, he has blue eyes and short black hair as seen in "The Final Joke" although after being in a coma for months he has grown long messy hair and a bear although he soon shaves and cuts his hair.[2] He lacks much body hair as according to Catwoman "he waxes everything".[3]



Bruce Thomas Wayne was born to wealthy and loving parents and grew up at Wayne Manor at the outskirts of Gotham City, where he resides to this day. After his parents were murdered when he was only a child, he was taken care of by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who raised him as if he were his own.[2] He grew up to become a successful business man, owner of Wayne Enterprises (who is the parent company of WayneTech) and well-known playboy in the city of Gotham while simultaneously living a secret life as the crime-fighting superhero Batman.

Despite usually working alone, Batman at some point has joined the Justice League as one of their leaders alongside Wonder Woman and Superman. In the 1980s the three of them helped take down the Queen of Fables after she almost conquered Gotham with her army of fairy tale characters from her storybook, and had Zatanna Zatara put her in a U.S. Tax Code book as punishment.[4] He has also trained up at least two apprentices as his side-kick Robin, the late Jason Todd[5] and Damian Wayne. The latter of which is his son.

By the time he had reached his late 20s, the Joker had become his nemesis[3] and he eventually murdered Jason Todd. Some time later, when Joker was spending time at Arkham Asylum, Batman beat him up in his cell in order to make him reveal where in the city he had planted a bomb, although his attempts were unsuccessful and only new Arkham psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel was able to get him to talk. However, when Batman and Jim Gordon checked the alleged location out, it turned out to have all been a ruse and a part of Joker's escape plan.[5]

Season 1

"Til Death Do Us Part"

Batman was first introduced responding to a disturbance on the water just outside Gotham City, where a league of rich businessmen on a yacht were being murdered by the Joker and Harley Quinn. The Joker quickly fled and left Harley behind to hold him off, but he quickly disarmed her and took her into custody, taking her back to Jim Gordon for interrogation about the Joker's whereabouts. Jim went overboard with the insults and comparing Harley to diseases however, forcing Batman to call for restraint several times, but Harley continued to refuse to reveal the Joker's location, saying to "ask the guy who fucks bats". They threatened her with a life sentence in the Arkham Asylum if she didn't comply, but she only laughed, saying that "as sure as I am that he fucks bats, I know my man'll break me out of Arkham before I spend a single night".

"Choose one to live and one to die and in the acid, the loser will fry."

A year later, Jim Gordon used the Bat signal to call Batman regarding a situation with the Riddler - he claimed to have a joke so hilarious it makes people's brains explode, and planned to broadcast it on live TV. Batman prepared to leave to deal with the situation, and also rejected Gordon's invitation to have a barbecue at his house. When he arrived at the Riddler's lair, he was surprised to see Harley finally freed from Arkham, at which point the Riddler captured them both in different spherical balls and suspended them over pools of acid. The Joker then arrived, and the Riddler forced him to choose which to save from the acid, and the Joker chose Batman. Batman was then released from his sphere onto solid ground, at which point he gave chase after the Joker but failed to capture him.

"Finding Mr. Right"

"You've crossed the line, Quinn."

Suddenly hoping for Batman as her new nemesis, Harley Quinn spliced together voice recordings of Batman in order to steal the Batmobile. He tried to contact her while she was rampaging through the city, threatening to send her to Arkham for good, but she simply cut the connection and continued on. However, rather than deal with her himself, he simply sent his twelve-year-old son Robin to deal with Harley, and although he didn't capture her, he successfully recovered the Batmobile.

Robin eventually got in over his head when he was captured by Harley, exposed as a liar, and King Shark came after him to kill him. He screamed for Batman to save him, and he did, bursting into the building to crash down on King Shark, at which point Batman pulled out a can of Shark Repellent to calm King Shark down. He was surprised to find himself live on Tawny Young's show, but declared that Harley would be going to Arkham for good, which briefly convinced the media that Harley was his new nemesis.

Batman angry over Harley Quinn nearly killing Robin

Batman then engaged Harley in battle, who could barely escape capture from him, much less hold her own, and Batman soon gained the upper hand and prepared to handcuff her. However, at that moment Poison Ivy arrived and swarmed him with vines, suspending him in the air. Ivy then spoke to Tawny's audience, allowing Batman to free himself from her vines while she was distracted. He immediately tossed a shuriken at Ivy, but Harley blocked it, and the fight resumed with Batman fighting off both Ivy and Harley singlehandedly, no longer at a disadvantage to a surprise attack.

Eventually the Joker himself arrived, angry that Batman ignored his bank heist in favor of attacking Harley. A three-way fight then commenced with Batman vs. Joker vs. Harley and Ivy: Batman blocked a strike from Joker, and when Ivy was busy keeping the Joker away from Harley, Batman tossed several explosives at Ivy, which blasted her away even from the other side of a wall of vines. Incensed, Harley then took the fight to Batman, who easily held off her attacks until the Joker exploded a piece of studio equipment, which dropped on top of Batman. This allowed Ivy and Harley to briefly gain the upper hand and allowed the Joker to kidnap Robin.

I'm gonna say something embarrassing here. I didn't have a nemesis until my late 20s.
— Batman

The Joker told Batman that he'd never see Robin alive again if he didn't keep coming to his "cool crimes" and then fled with the boy. Seeing this, Batman threw Harley into Ivy and then ran after Joker, leaving Harley and Ivy behind to chase after him. The media then declared Batman to be the Joker's nemesis again, and Batman successfully recovered Robin without issue. Afterward he comforted Robin at the Batcave, who only wanted a nemesis because the Teen Titans were getting them. Batman assured Robin that he didn't even get one until his late 20s, and that one would come along for Robin, but quickly made an excuse and left when Robin asked about having sex.

"You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon"

Batman later responded to the Bat signal, presuming it to be about the burglary at WayneTech. However, Jim Gordon actually just wanted to talk about his fraying marriage. Batman insisted the Bat signal was only for emergencies, so he took it away from Gordon and insisted that they were just coworkers, focusing solely on the damage Harley Quinn could do with the technology WayneTech had developed. He then gave Gordon "evidence" to interrogate, and bitingly remarked to Gordon that "you used to be such a damn good cop".

Batman with Harley Quinn in the Batcave

He then returned to the Batcave, where Harley soon teleported into after pressing the button on the device she stole. Harley mocked the Batcave as "where you fuck the bats", but when she asked him for help from her precarious position dangling from a stalactite, he demanded she give him one good reason to save her, given that she had seen the Batcave. In response she claimed to be on a "mercy mission" for Commissioner Gordon, who she claimed to be suicidal over Batman abandoning him. She said it was "selfish" of him to put work before friendship, at which point she realized her own similar mistakes with her own crew, prompting her to say that she and Batman weren't so different, both being "badasses who look good in spandex". Batman rejected her in his typical deadpan fashion, saying they were completely different and that his suit was polymer body armor made of indestructible micro-fiber (that still looks like spandex).

I'm sorry, Jim.
Jim Gordon
I'm sorry, too. I knew you'd realize our friendship means more than just our day-to-day crime fighting. And that we can lean on each other for our most intimate emotional needs.
— Batman and Commissioner Jim Gordon reconciling

At this point, Harley fell from her stalactite, but Batman decided to save her from the fall. She admitted her own faults and claimed that Batman also let Gordon down, and although Batman turned away, saying he's "not good at emotion" (or vocabulary), Harley convinced him that Gordon needs him and that they both need to go repair their friendships straightaway. Agreeing, Batman flew with her from the Batcave to the Gotham City police department, apologizing to Gordon. Gordon immediately forgave him, Batman restored the Bat-signal, and then Batman tried to arrest Harley on the spot - despite her help repairing his friendship. However, before he could do much, she activated the teleportation device and tossed it to Batman, who caught it and vanished back to the Batcave.

"A Seat at the Table"

Like in "Til Death Do Us Part", Batman once again responded to Harley Quinn and the Joker's antics on a yacht on the water, landing on one end of their commandeered yacht to face them. However, the Joker remotely activated a getaway helicopter, and although Batman tried to rush them and prevent their escape, the Joker tossed a grenade at him which blasted him away. He eventually recovered and ran after them, jumping to catch them, but just barely missed and fell into the water while their helicopter took to the air.

"Some things never change, Quinn."

Batman surfaced and got back into his Batplane, quickly catching up to the Joker's slower helicopter. As he drew level with the helicopter, he made eye contact with the Joker just before he savagely shoved Harley out of the craft to her death, laughing maniacally. Although the Joker would get away, Batman was unwilling to let Harley die, so he shot toward the water and flew under Harley just in time, breaking her fall. He softly admonished her that the Joker would never change, and she tearfully slid off of his Batplane, diving adroitly into the water below.

"Devil's Snare"

Batman went to Jim Gordon to assess the plant monster situation in Gotham City Park, and quickly overrode Jim's suggestion to "bomb the damn place to kingdom come" due to the innocent people still in the park. He insisted that Jim be "surgical" and "prudent" about this, to help innocents out of the park while he himself stopped Scarecrow from funneling more people into the park with fear toxin. Batman had already summoned the Justice League to deal with the plant monsters directly, and only needed Gordon to stage an evacuation - without tanks.

Batman fending off Scarecrow

He eventually managed to hunt down Scarecrow, but he also lost contact with the Justice League after Queen of Fables bound them in her storybook. Batman relayed this to Gordon over a video call, but noticed that he was on a tank. Although Gordon initially denied it, he eventually admitted it, saying the situation had gotten more dire. This conversation went on for too long, however, and distracted Batman which allowed Scarecrow to ambush him, cutting the feed and resulting in a fight. Scarecrow ended up escaping.

"The Final Joke"

Batman responded to the Bat Signal and met up with Jim Gordon in the Gotham City Police Department, but was soon interrupted by the arrival of Harley Quinn. She offered to team up with Batman to take down the Joker, and although he initially refused, Harley suggested they pool their knowledge together to sneak attack the Joker. Batman agreed to fly in to ambush the Joker in his tower while Harley Quinn distracted him with Clayface posing as Batman's impostor. Although Harley initially succeeded in distracted the Joker, and Batman was able to successfully fly in and make entry unnoticed, Clayface accidentally revealed himself to be a fake. This forced Harley to shoot a rocket at the Joker to keep him distracted, but this obstructed Batman himself as well, just long enough for the Joker to notice him and flee to the center of the tower.

Batman unmasked

At the center, Joker erected a protective dome around himself that prevented Batman from reaching him, and then the Joker flooded the room with gas to knock Batman out. Batman was then captured and made into a cuckoo clock by the Joker, being shoved forward and back each hour while Gotham citizens watched. In off times, the Joker would electrocute Batman for fun, although he swiftly became bored. Batman claimed it was because the Joker was a "sociopathic narcissist", prompting the Joker to demand who he thought he was, at which point Scarecrow decided to find out and ripped off Batman's mask. This revealed him to be Bruce Wayne, enraging the Joker, as he enjoyed the mystery of their conflict. The life flooded out of their conflict now that the Joker knew Batman was just "some boring rich asshole with parental issues", which Batman found reductive.

Bored, the Joker demanded to know when he'd get his electric car from WayneTech, but eventually just left Batman strung up as a prisoner. He remained so until the Joker activated the self destruct on his tower, which knocked Batman free. He then ran down the tower and arrived just in time to shove Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy out from underneath a falling pipe, ending up crushed by it himself. Although Poison Ivy and Harley wondered if he survived, they didn't go after him, and abandoned him as the tower collapsed around him.

Season 2

"New Gotham"

Two months later two paramedics who found him in the Ruble of Joker's Tower unwrap his bandages after the swelling goes down and are shocked to see it is Bruce Wayne. According to one of the paramedics he's been in a coma ever since they found him.

"Batman's Back Man"

Bruce Wayne finally wakes from his coma

Bruce Wayne finally awakens from his coma in his bed at Wayne Manor, his hair and beard grown to unkempt lengths. He staggers to his window where he sees a picturesque, happy version of Gotham, until he moves aside the painting and sees New New Gotham in utter chaos. Stunned, Batman falls to the floor and calls out for Alfred, who arrives with breakfast and tea, insisting that Bruce get back into bed so that he can make a full physical recovery. He even offers to be "binge buddies" to watch the 312 TV shows that came out since his coma, but Batman insists on fighting crime immediately.

Commissioner Gordon is brought to Batman's mansion, where he explains the state of absolute chaos that Gotham has fallen into. He quickly believes Batman's lie about "doing stuff" (rather than being in a coma) for the past few months, and jumps right into a list of things he wants Batman to pay for "so I can take back the city", including both an entire bankrolled police force and personal frivolities for himself. Shocked, Batman asks if there are truly no other superheroes in the city, at which point Gordon shows Batman the handful of amateurs who are trying: the Macaroni, an Englishman with a mechanical powdered wig; and Batgirl, taking up the mantle of Batman.

Batman watches online as Batgirl live streams fighting petty crooks to her million+ viewers. When Alfred arrives, Batman complains about her, which Alfred summarizes as anger at "the unsanctioned use of your logo," but Batman insists it's a symbol, not a logo. Alfred declares that there's nothing to be done for it due to Batman's weakened physical condition, but Batman goes out anyway to attempt to dissuade Batgirl from her vigilantism. Batgirl squeals excitedly when she first sees him but assumes that his concern is her using a copyrighted logo, only to then brush off his concern when she realizes that Batman thinks it isn't safe for her. She insists that she can handle herself, only for Batman to contemptuously knock out a petty goon behind her, saving her without even moving his feet.

Batgirl announces Batman's return

Batgirl's joy overflows and she announces to all of her followers that Batman is back, including him in her live-stream. This prompts the city's denizens to rise up against the Injustice League's tyranny, hopeful now that Batman has ostensibly returned. Alfred then comes to chastise Batman, saying that all of Gotham is "as full of false hope as an undercooked meat pie". He insists that Gotham's protector should at least be able to put his own socks on, which Batman cannot do in his debilitated state, and tries to get Batman to listen to him by mentioning all his loyal service to Batman from when he raised him as his own son, loved him unconditionally, and even changed his diapers when he was in a coma. However, Batman argues that he has no knowledge of what it's like to be a warrior, disregarding Alfred's military service as fighting over "who gets the last scone". Still angered, Batman calls for Lucius Fox to build him a mechanical suit to help him fight crime.

In the Batcave, Lucius has built Batman a titanium bat suit to compensate his weakness, complete with a tech support AI called Monica. Alfred arrives and immediately deduces what Batman did, forbids Batman from leaving, and takes his bat suit up to his room to prevent Batman from getting it. Batman simply waits for nightfall and steals it from his room. He finds Two-Face's goons and begins fighting through them with ease, until he discovers Bane, who Batman assumes is not part of the operation. Enraged, Bane attacks Batman while declaring that he is "equally in charge". Batman initially has the upper hand after blasting Bane away, but his suit becomes damaged after repeated pummeling from Bane, eventually breaking down and allowing Bane to break his legs.

Broken and defeated, Batman is left on the ground while Bane angrily leaves to settle accounts with Two-Face regarding branding. Batman tries to have Monica call Lucius Fox, but the bat suit shuts down before it can, leaving Batman helpless before Two-Face's minions. They string him up and intend to post a video of his destruction, but the Macaroni and Batgirl arrive to save Batman. The Macaroni turns out to be Alfred himself, who has Batgirl help him take Batman to safety. Batman later meets Gordon by their usual meeting spot and finally admits to his limitations and tells him that he isn't physically able to work as he did before, and gives Batgirl his blessing to take up the standard in his stead until he has healed.

"All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues"

After running into a now seemingly sane Joker, Harley Quinn recounts her past working at Arkham Asylum, including Batman's role in trying to find where the location of Joker's planted bomb.

"Dye Hard"

Batman spits out the hot tea

Still not ready to get back on the street, Batman leaves Jim Gordon a message ordering him to the roof, where he finds the Batplane waiting for him. Batman orders him to get in but Gordon is disappointed when he is not allowed to actually drive the plane but rather Batman is handling the controls from his seat in the Batcave while Gordon just gets to occasionally push a button in order to capture the Parademons running rampant in Gotham. Batman himself feels ridiculous stuck in his cave, asking Alfred why he cannot get back to fighting but Alfred tells him he will not allow him to go back prematurely again. He gives him a cup of tea which Batman spits out a mouth-full of claiming it to be too hot so Alfred blows on if to cool it down.

Gordon spots gunfire at Wayne Tower and wants to intervene which Batman agrees to, changing course although cautioning him to not "scratch the paint". While fighting the Riddler and Doctor Psycho at the roof of Wayne Tower, the communication system and autopilot is disabled, allowing Gordon to drive the Batplane by himself briefly.

"A Fight Worth Fighting For"

So, you're all in league with Psycho, and you've gotten back with the Joker.
Harley Quinn
Oh for two, idiot.
Jesus, Bats. Your time out of the game has really made your detective skills go to shit.
I doubt that.
Harley Quinn
We're trying to save the city, Psycho's mind-controlled my crew and all the Parademons. And, in order to stop him, we're trying to free the Justice League from Queen of Fables' book.
— Worlds greatest detective

Batman uses the city surveillance system to track down the Batplane after losing contact with it in the previous episode. He spots it outside Ace Chemicals where he notices the Joker has been restored in is with Harley Quinn. Concluding that they must be behind the Parademon infestation in the city, Bat declares that it is time for him to return to crime-fighting. He tracks them down to a Parademon nest where he captures them and takes them to the Batplane. They explain that Doctor Psycho is really behind it all and their plans to free the Justice League to save the city to a confused Batman.

"So, Joker went through some changes over the last few months."

To retrieve Queen of Fables' book, Batman flies them to Joker's girlfriend Bethany's house. Batman is surprised as the Joker professes his love for Bethany, in the process getting them the book. Batman calls Zatanna Zatara who releases the Justice League from their imprisonment in the book. Batman debriefs the Justice League and they set out to take down the Parademon army and stop Doctor Psycho.

"Lovers' Quarrel"

Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman fought back against the Parademon infestation in Gotham. Batman, now fully recovered and masterful as ever, fends off and explodes numerous Parademons in rapid succession. After taking down the Parademons, the League goes after Poison Ivy who is being mind-controlled by Doctor Psycho. Batman starts to attack but Ivy is able to singlehandedly hold the entire Justice League at bay. Psycho soon sends mind-controlled Clayface and King Shark to aide Ivy. Batman immediately writes them off as harmless and averse to violence, respectively, until Clayface grows to a towering height and King Shark screams in a frenzied blood rage.

Clayface chases Batman

Batman nearly defeats King Shark with "shark repellent" (as he did in "Finding Mr. Right") but is stopped by Poison Ivy. Although he is saved from her grip by Wonder Woman, Batman soon gets captured by Clayface who almost crushes him in his enormous grip. He calls for Harley who distracts him by throwing a rock at him, freeing Batman. Clayface continues to chase him as Batman flees, jumping from roof-top to roof-top. After getting cornered on the edge of a building, he spots two cooling systems, which he explodes to completely encapsulate Clayface in ice.

He leaves and joins up with his team mates who follows Poison Ivy, who has kidnapped Harley, to the top of Wayne Tower. Harley urges everyone to settle things without violence and Batman agrees that Mr. Wayne's insurance doesn't cover meta-human battles. Therefore, Batman surgically grabs Harley away from Ivy while Superman and Wonder Woman subdues Ivy, getting ready to send her to the Phantom Zone, despite Harley's protests. However, before they could do anything, Psycho controlled Ivy to release her pheromones on the Trinity who became too horny and focused on each other to continue the fight.

"Something Borrowed, Something Green"

Outside Gotham City Hall, Batman, alongside other heroes, are given a key to the city from the Mayor of Gotham for saving the city.

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

"Journey to Love Part 2"

Batman and Jim Gordon

Batman arrived outside Catwoman's apartment to stop Gordon who had started becoming increasingly violent and reckless in his pursuit of Harley and Ivy. As he arrived, Batman tried to reason with Gordon but he was insistent and began shooting at the building. Later, Batman entered the apartment where he met Catwoman and the two flirted before Catwoman made her escape. Batman then followed Gordon with the Batplane as he drove after Harley and Ivy, and he again angrily told him that he was going too far and was not acting like a "damn good cop".

"Journey to Love Part 3"

Batman called Nightwing who bas based in Blüdhaven to tell him that according to a 911 call he had intercepted, Harley Quinn was holding hostages at a local rest stop. He also warned him that Grodon was after Harley as well and was fixated on taking her down regardless of who got hurt or even died in the process so he asked him to work with Batgirl to stop him as well.

"Journey to Love Part 6"

Batman and Alfred watched Tawny Young's broadcast as she reported that Gordon had once again been unable to stop Harley and Ivy from getting away.


Batman is frequently monosyllabic, having difficulty with emotion. Even so, he still tries to be a good father figure to Damian Wayne - to a point, not quite willing to answer his questions about sex. His primary adult friendship is with Commissioner Jim Gordon, having filled his screensaver with photos of themselves together, but still insists on treating him as just a coworker until the events of "You're a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon". While Batman is usually calm, serious, and mature; he can be quite stubborn and childish as shown when he got out of a coma and refused to listen to Alfred and wait until his body was back in fighting shape before trying bring order back to the city. Only after Bane defeated him and his allies saved him form Two-Face's goons did he allow Batgirl to fight crime for him while he recuperated.

Despite Batman's devotion and loyalty to Gordon, he still believes in the standards of the law and that the lives of innocent people and his mission are more equally important than the mission alone, as shown In "Journey to Love Part 2", when he tries to stop a deranged Gordon from destroying the city in his mad determination to apprehend Harley and Ivy.

Media Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour




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