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Barbara Gordon is a recurring character on Harley Quinn and is the daughter of James and Barbara Eileen Gordon. After seeing her father hit rock bottom with Batman missing and helping Harley Quinn defeat the Riddler, she becomes inspired to assume the identity of Batgirl.


Barbara has short red hair draped around the back of her head. She has green eyes and wears glasses.

As Batgirl, she wears a purple leather jacket and pants with a black stripe on the sides with a yellow bat symbol on her chest, a black cape that snaps on the shoulders, yellow snap-on gloves, and black boots. She wears a mask that covers half of her head and leaves the mouth and nose unmasked.



Barbara Joan Gordon is the daughter of Barbara Eileen Gordon and GCPD commissioner James Gordon.

She was attending Gotham University when the Injustice League took control over Gotham City after Batman's disappearance, resulting in the Riddler taking over the university. Barbara becomes suspicious of the mysterious disappearances going on at the campus and starts to investigate, wanting to take down the Riddler. As her parents' marriage falls apart, her father becomes depressed and starts living with her at her dorm after he snuck in before the Riddler took over.

Season 2

"Riddler U"

When Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn infiltrated the University, pretended to be students "Izziadora Staplebuntkin" and "Heather Witherbee", to find out why the University was the only place in town with power as well as take down the Riddler, Barbara was the one showing them around the campus. Later, she witnessed "Heather" beat up the school's mascot, believing him to be the real riddle, in a fountain causing her disguise to wash off. Harley noticed her so she fled the scene, using some sort of parkour or acrobatics to escape.

Barbara with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

However, Harley and Ivy track her down to her dorm and break in, only for Barbara to ambush Harley and hold her at bay with pepper spray. Ivy then jumps in through the window and soon disarms her, tying her up with her houseplant. Harley angrily exclaims that she was gonna rat them out to the Riddler, but she then claims she actually wants someone to take him down. She turns up music in her dorm to mask their voices and explains her worry about the mysterious disappearances around campus. Ivy questions how they can trust she isn't going to turn them in the second they untie her. Her father comes in while she's still expended in mid-air by the plant, which gets him suspicious, but she gets rid of him, claiming it's just an internet thing that he wouldn't understand, earning the trust of Harley and Ivy, who let her go. Barbara shares her theory that people are going missing at a particular fraternity. Harley then steals the wristbands that Barbara had to a party there and leaves without her.

While Harley and Ivy have gone to the frat party, Barbara tries to motivate her father to help take down the Riddler, but he claims the city needs the bat, motivating Barbara.

Barbara takes on the Riddler

Meanwhile, Harley Ivy and Clayface has discovered Riddler's has been forcing college students to run on human hamster wheels to power the university and themselves gotten captured and forced to run for power. Barbara then arrives, dressed in a dark hood and face cover, ready to save them. She manages to dispatch a guard and clumsily attempting to shoot the power switch to the generator, prompting Harley to criticize her for not just shooting the Riddler. She misses but tosses her gun at the Riddler and knocks him into it, causing the generator to fail and release the human hamsters. Once released, Harley, Ivy and Clayface fight the remaining of Riddler's goons alongside Barbara. She excitedly exclaims how she feels like a superhero and asks to get Riddler to Arkham together, although Ivy and Harley say they'll do it and swiftly leaves.

Later, at Barbara's dorm, she's seen stitching together the last of a costume and putting on the mantle of "Batgirl" before leaping out the window.

"Batman's Back Man"

Batgirl on social media

With Batman still missing, Batgirl has stepped up to protect Gotham and gained a major following of 1.3 million followers on social media in the process by live-streaming her crime-fighting and sharing safety tips with her audience. After Batman, finally wakes up from his coma, he watches one of Batgirl's streams and complaints about her usage of the bat symbol.

Despite still being wounded, Batman goes out to attempt to dissuade Batgirl from her vigilantism. Batgirl chases a criminal at the rooftops of Gotham when Batman unexpectedly turns up. She squeals excitedly when she first sees him but assumes that his concern is her using a copyrighted logo, only to then brush off his concern when he expresses that he doesn't think it is safe for her. She insists that she can handle herself, only for Batman to contemptuously knock out a petty goon behind her. Batgirl's joy overflows, and she announces to all of her followers that Batman is back. Batgirl's announcement prompts the city's residents to rise up against the Injustice League's tyranny.

Batgirl helps save Batman from Two-Face's goons

Despite still being injured Batman gets out to fight crimes but is almost killed by Bane and Two-Face's goons. However, just in time, the Maccaroni and Batgirl arrive to save him. Batgirl helps take down the goons and bring Batman to safety. Batman, finally admitting his limitations, comes before Jim Gordon and tells him that he isn't physically able to work as he did before, and introduces him to his new partner: Batgirl. Batman gives Batgirl his blessing to take up the standard in his stead until he has healed to keep the hope that comes with the bat symbol alive. However, Gordon is not entirely pleased to work with Batgirl, although Batgirl insists they'll have the best time, and he reluctantly shakes her hand before she takes up her phone to make the announcement to her followers.

"There's No Place to Go But Down"

Batgirl is disappointed

Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon searched the sewers to catch the Ratcatcher and stop him from using them to smuggle weapons across Gotham. As Gordon stumbles along and questions what they are even doing there, an irritated Batgirl asks if he's drunk, which he denies saying he has a high tolerance. After locating the Ratcatcher, Batgirl ordered Gordon to stay put and wait for her signal while she circles around to block the exits. Drinking yet more, he eventually got drunk enough to drop his flask, and when he drunkenly lurched for it, Ratcacher spotted him and sent the rats after him, disrupting the plan and allowing him to escape. An irritated Batgirl was forced to pull him out of the sewer canal and was disappointed when she noticed his flask on the ground.

In the aftermath of the botched capture of Ratcatcher, Batgirl is back home as Barbara Gordon and forced to listen to her father complaining about Batgirl over dinner. Barbara tries to talk to him about his drinking but he insists that he doesn't have a drinking problem whilst squirting a heap of mayonnaise into his liquor and drinking it. Barbara begs him to consider laying off the booze for her sake, and although he begins to consider her words, they are interrupted by gunfire from Two-Face's goons. Two-Face is now set on killing Gordon, and so throws a grenade into their home. As Gordon surrenders himself to Two-Face, asking only that he tells his daughter that he loves her, Batgirl arrives and incapacitates his goons, allowing them to get shot to death in the confusion and Two-Face flees, swearing that he'll be back.

Batgirl reveals her identity to Gordon

Gordon resentfully asks why Batgirl saved him, insisting he only gets in the way while getting out his flask to take a sip. However, Batgirl snatches it away with her whip and tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. Gordon insists even his own daughter sees him as a joke, but Batgirl assures him that's not true and that he inspired her. Although he laughs it off, saying Batman was her inspiration, Batgirl claims he only inspired her costume, saying her dad inspired her while lifting her mask, revealing her identity to a stunned but proud Gordon.

Later, Barbara explains to Gordon how she became Batgirl. She becomes alarmed when he gets up to open a bottle of wine, only for him to pour it all out into the sink and ask her to lend a hand in a "montage where we skip past the hard parts of beating a alcohol and cut to the part where I'm clean". After helping Gordon clean up his act and pouring out the remainder of his alcohol, Gordon vows to take back the GCPD headquarters from Two-Face. Later, they arrive at the station where Batgirl starts formulating a plan but Gordon tells her he's got it and she waits outside, occasionally asking if he needs any help, while Gordon singlehandedly takes back the GCPD.

"Inner (Para) Demons"

Harley kisses a confused Batgirl

As Gordon gears up to take down Harley Quinn in order to get Gotham accepted back into the United States, Batgirl arrives at Gotham Mall on her Batcycle to warn Harley of Gordon's plans. Although before she can Doctor Psycho insults her uncreative name and King Shark compliments the stitch-work on her costume. She warns Harley that Gordon is coming to take her down and asserts that she's not really a villain, which Harley angrily protests. Batgirl cites some of her heroic feats, but Harley refuses to listen and takes her warning about Gordon as justification to raise an army herself which Batgirl insists was the opposite of what she was saying. Harley then hysterically exclaims how unpredictable and reckless she is, kissing a thoroughly confused Batgirl on the lips to prove her point, and then sends her out with a bewildered expression.

After failing to get through to Harley, Batgirl tries to talk to her dad, pointing out his excessive number of guns and weaponry as he prepares to take on Harley. She tries to discourage him from going up against Harley, warning him of her acquiring an army. Gordon seems to understand but then immediately concludes that he needs an army as well, and although Batgirl tries to clarify, he charges off and closes the door in her face. Later, Barbara calls her father once again try to convince him to back down but he stands firm and hangs up on her.

"Lovers' Quarrel"

Just lol.png

Batgirl and Gordon covered each others' eyes when Poison Ivy's memory of sleeping with Harley during "Bachelorette" was projected onto the sky by a vengeful Doctor Psycho.

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour

"Journey to Love Part 3"

Nightwing and Batgirl vs Gordon.jpg

Batgirl goes to Blüdhaven on Batman's order to stop her father from letting his obsession with bringing Harley Quinn to justice go too far. She swoops in just as her father has his gun pointed at Nightwing (after he stepped between him and Harley) as Gordon is threatening to shoot him in order to get to Harley. Batgirl questions if Gordon is willing to shoot her as well, leaving him thrown off balance by his daughter's arrival. She desperately pleads with him to put the gun down, insisting that he will lose his daughter if he continues like this. This allows Harley and Ivy to escape.

"Journey to Love Part 6"

Barbara worries over her father when her friend "Stephanie" calls. She asks what is going on with her dad but Barbara insists she doesn't want to talk about it and they instead start gushing about Harley and Ivy. After ending the call, she reflects the fact that she doesn't like lying to her best friend about being Batgirl but believing it is for the best, not aware of the fact that "Stephanie" has a secret identity as well. She later watches the news as Tawny Young reports on her father's failure to capture Harley and Ivy as they got away once more.


  • Expert Combatant: Barbara is a skilled combatant, being able to take down numerous things much larger than her.
  • Expert Acrobat: Barbara is an exceptional acrobat and gymnast, being able to perform incredible feats of agility and parkour, and has even been described by Harley Quinn, a master acrobat herself, as being "surprisingly agile."
  • Sewing: Barbara sews her own costume.


  • Batcycle: As Batgirl, she uses a motorcycle, nicknamed the Batcycle, to get around in the city.

Media Appearances

Season 2

The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour