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Your idle gossip distracts me from my master plan. Break the Batman. Punish Gotham for its transgressions, and stand atop the mountain of skulls left in my wake.
— Bane[2]

Bane is a recurring character on the T.V. series, Harley Quinn and major antagonist of the second season.

He is an arch-enemy of Batman and a member of the Legion of Doom and the Injustice League.


Bane is a tall and muscular male wearing a full-face mask. The tubes that connect to him can deliver Venom, which strengthens his power and physique.


Season 1

"A High Bar"

Bane talking with Scarecrow about Harley Quinn's break up with Joker

Bane is introduced gossiping with Scarecrow about the Joker being dumped by Harley Quinn at the Hall of Doom. A flashback shows the time he blew up Gotham Stadium after getting the wrong answer to a question during trivia night. He later attended The Penguin's nephew Joshua Cobblepot's bar mitzvah with Scarecrow and Two-Face, and bantered with Harley when she arrived at their table. However, the Joker soon arrived and drove her off, yelling at the table to laugh with him, which they reluctantly did. At dinner, Bane was hurt when Joker stole his dinner, not liking his own.

Bane fights Kite Man

He later watched as Joshua Cobblepot prepared to kill Harley, only for Harley to end up escaping. The Joker then ordered the Legion of Doom members present to attack Harley. They set Kite Man to handle Bane, only for Bane to easily knock him aside. As Harley managed to dispatch Scarecrow with Poison Ivy's assistance, the Joker had the Legion of Doom surround Ivy and Harley. However, berated Bane for fighting Kite Man rather than focusing on Harley and Ivy, telling him to just do what he tells him and calling him a dumb freakish monster. This prompted Harley to ask a hurt Bane why he let Joker talk to him like that. Bane exclaimed how she was making a good point and lectured Joker about stealing his dinner and not even wanting to come to the bar mitzvah in the first place.

"So You Need a Crew?"

Bane was seen briefly during a press conference where Lex Luthor banished Doctor Psycho from the Legion of Doom for using "the c-word".


Bane stomps on the fish

Bane was present at the Legion of Doom's prospective member night when Harley Quinn was nominated to join, going up against KGBeast. He was served chicken satay by Kite Man who was working as a waiter but got frustrated when he dropped it and started insulting the chicken. When Aquaman attacked the base he made a joke about the ocean being the world's toilet to mock him but complained about political correctness ruining comedy when he was booed by one of the other guests. After Harley defeated Aquaman by destroying the aquarium, Bane gleefully stomped on all the fish on the floor while teasing Aquaman about it.

"A Seat at the Table"

Bane presenting some of his magic tricks

Bane applauded as Harley was welcomed into the Legion of Doom, even wearing a bowtie and top hat for the occasion and planning to preform some magic tricks, although Lex Luthor told him there was no time left for it. He later went up to Harley and asked her to pick a card although he was unable to tell her which one it actually was.

After Harley's crew mates, Clayface, Doctor Psycho and King Shark were taken to the basement with the goons, Bane signed them out for a mission. He wanted to blow up a guy named Todd who worked at a smoothie shop and always referred to him as "Bang". Before the mission, he attended the Legion of Doom's weekly meeting and voted to approve the Joker's idea of building a tower with his face on along with everyone else in the room until Harley questioned his plans. Afterwards he told Harley it was refreshing that someone finally stood up to Joker although when Joker himself turned up, he quickly changed his tune, annoying Joker who loosened his tubes, making him retreat.

Bane on a mission with Harley's crew

Despite their efforts to get out of it, Bane was able to take the crew members with him on his mission. He had King Shark plant a bomb in the shop while the rest waited outside in his car. Getting frustrated with waiting, Bane pushed the detonator before King Shark could leave the shop, causing the place to explode and King Shark to lose his fin in the process. A wounded King Shark revealed to Bane that Todd didn't work on Wednesdays, so all this was in vain.


Bane observing Harley who is "insta-stalking" her former crew

Bane saw Harley who is "insta-stalking" her former crew and informs her that in weekend he goes to Black Manta's beach lair where he will smoke a pork shoulder. Also he informs her that she wasn't invited there, suggesting her to check if she would receive the invitation in spam. Later, after seeing the statement from the Legion corporate card given to Joshua Cobblepot and realizing he had put a down-payment on a bounty to kill Harley Quinn, Bane confronts him. He initially denied it, but after Bane called him a lying liar, he admitted to it. Bane explained that the credit card was only supposed to be used for emergencies, but aside from his hit on Harley, he had also been using it to buy candies, vape pens, and a "dolphin encounter", leaving him no choice but to cut the card, although he struggles with the scissors and ends up bending it. Joshua apologizes, and Bane gives him a pep-talk, noting he was acting out of immaturity before he trips on a chair and angrily throws it out of the window.

Season 2

"New Gotham"

Bane struggling with the coffee machine

Bane was away for the destruction of Gotham City, dog sitting for his "Aunt Linda's girlfriend". However, after Harley Quinn's efforts to incite goons to rebel against their masters, Bane was forced to find common cause with the othere remnants of the Legion of Doom. They met at Iceberg Lounge & Casino and formed the Injustice League to defend themselves, regain their goons, and carve of the remains of Gotham for themselves. After struggling to figure out how to work the coffee machine, Bane lamented that they needed goons, to which everyone else immediately agreed. They came up with a plan to get Harley into their group so that they could regain their goons, at which point Bane wondered why she wasn't invited in the first place, resulting in derision from everyone else in the league.

Incomprehensible mumbling

At the Injustice League meeting, Bane continually complained about being sat on a folding chair rather than an executive chair like everyone else, which the rest of the league had done deliberately to make fun of him. Not quite getting it, Bane said that "your jest will be avenged". Afterward, Harley smashed through the table and rejected all of the Injustice League's proposals, so Mister Freeze froze her in a block of ice and Bane suggested that they kill her. The rest of the league agreed with him, but Mister Freeze convinced them all to keep her alive as a trophy instead, so Bane mocked Harley incoherently and then left for his agreed-upon territory of new New Gotham.

"Batman's Back Man"

"Hey, that's not your chair. We're keeping it open for honorary purposes."

At the Injustice League Headquarters, Two-Face is concerned after he heard that Harley "took down" Mister Freeze, meaning he and Bane are all that's left of the Injustice League. Two-Face continues to mistreat and make fun of Bane, forcing him to sit on a fold-up chair and making fun of his intelligence. Bane makes the astute suggestion that they join forces to protect themselves against Harley Quinn, but Two-Face turns him down and continues to berate and mock him.

Bane receiving his own executive office chair

The next day after the news break that Batman has returned, invites Bane back to the Injustice League and presents him with his own executive office chair and a drink, which overjoys Bane. He apologizes for his behavior the day before and suggest they team up after all. Bane is skeptical, wondering if he's only doing this because of Batman's return, which Tw-Face denies but agrees on the basis that it will be an equal partnership. Right away, Two-Face wants to discuss their branding, presenting him with a poster featuring only himself and a shadow with the name "Two-Faces". Bane notes that he is not included but Two-Face insists he is represented by the shadow and the plural form of "Two-Faces", meaning both of them.

Bane fights Batman

At night, Bane runs into Batman, who is back out on the streets with a new technological suit, although Bane becomes enraged when Batman is only looking for Two-Face, believing he is the sole person behind the operation. Bane charges at him and insists that he is equally in charge, but Batman points to the poster as proof to the contrary, noting that Two-Face already has two faces, so if they were equals, it should be three faces. This angers Bane even further, who hits the button on his chest to give him more venom, growing even larger and more powerful. Batman initially has the upper hand after blasting Bane away, but his suit becomes damaged after a repeated pummeling from Bane, eventually breaking down and allowing Bane to break his legs. Broken and defeated, Batman is left on the ground while Bane angrily leaves to settle accounts with Two-Face regarding branding.

I was born in hell, and I demand respect! I crushed Batman! Perhaps I should do the same to you.
— Bane to Two-Face

"That's beautiful"

Bane breaks down the wall to the Gotham City Hall in rage, demanding respect only for Two-Face to convince him to calm down so they can talk. He lets out the venom from his tubes, shrinking to his normal size. Two-Face compliments Bane for breaking Batman although he tells him they should just kill him when they get the chance rather than leave him hurt. Bane then insists they need to rethink their name, but Two-Face tells him the name is not the problem but rather that Bane needs his own space to do his best work. He takes him to the desert, where he gifts him a huge hole in the ground which Bane is deeply moved by.

"There's No Place to Go But Down"

Jugde Bane

As Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are brought to court for the murder of Oswald Cobblepot, Bane is acting as judge. He notes that he is unbiased which Two-Face begrudgingly admits is true. Bane gives them a fair shot, trying to listen to their litigator Man-Bat although he is unable to understand what he is saying. However, after Ivy takes the stand and admits to everything, Bane sentences them to life in prison and takes them to his new prison The Pit that he got from Two-Face the previous episode.

Bane presenting The Pit

Bane shoves them into the hole and then jumps after them, and then proceeds to give a tour of the underground facility. He earnestly tells them their mission in The Pit is to bring people "into the light" and genuinely help rehabilitate them. He then drops them off at their quarters, invites them to a talent show, and impresses upon them that they must make their beds daily. During group therapy, Bane gets annoyed when Poison Ivy does not clap after Victor Zsasz tells his story. She attempts to manipulate him into transferring them to Arkham which he rejects claiming "Arkham is for the criminally insane. The Pit is for the criminally capable". Although their spirits are lifted when he reveals George Lopez will make an appearance at the talent show the next day and they start to formulate an escape plan to escape with his helicopter during the show.

Bane encouraging Poison Ivy

When Bane notices that Harley has not made her bed, he bans her from participating in the talent show and sends her to solitary confinement, guarded by Cheryl. Later, Bane starts the talent show, finally performing some magic before George Lopez shows up. After Lopez's set, Ivy goes up and attempts to start a riot with her stand-up routine, and Bane encourages her with two thumbs-up after her routine goes down poorly with the other inmates. After the helicopter leaves, Ivy admits her plan and starts speaking earnestly, which eventually motivates the inmates to start a riot, wanting to escape.

"No one escapes The Pit!"

The rioters' destruction of infrastructure has created a ramp towards the surface, which Harley and Ivy start to climb. However, Bane starts following them, trying to convince Ivy to return as she just made a breakthrough in the Pit, but Harley tells him to not "take credit for her emotional growth" and throws a chair at him. Fed up, Bane enhances his muscles with venom and begins climbing after them. Ivy gets high enough to see a vine in the side of The Pit and uses it to lift herself and Harley toward the surface. Not to be outdone, Bane launches himself after them and grabs ahold of Harley's ankle, and starts weighing them down. Bane admonishes Harley that only love sets us all free, which inspires her to let go of Ivy and sacrifice herself so that she can escape. She and Bane plummet to the fires below, with Harley yanking at Bane's fluid cords to send him choking and sputtering down ahead of her while Harley herself is saved by Ivy.

"Lovers' Quarrel"

"I had a feeling. The tension was palpable."

Bane is revealed to have survived the fall into The Pit and watching Doctor Psycho's broadcasting of Harley and Ivy having sex onto the sky. He expresses that he saw it coming as "the tension was palpable".

"Something Borrowed, Something Green"

Bane was confirmed to have escaped the pit as he was a guest and Poison Ivy and Kite Man's wedding.


In stark contrast to his cunning and resourceful comic book counterpart, this version of Bane appears to be quite foolish and simple-minded. He can be easily fooled by most people and irritated by seemingly random things. His feelings can be hurt quite easily, although it is just as easy for his feelings to recover. He is also somewhat fascinated with blowing up things and constantly uses it as a threat. Out of all the Injustice League members, aside from Mister Freeze, Bane has the least animosity towards Harley and is seen actually getting along with her while she was working at the Legion of Doom.

Media Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red


  • When Bane mentioned blowing up the stadium,[2] this alluded to when Bane blew up the football stadium with the Gotham Rogues before his speech in The Dark Knight Rises.
  • According to Lex Luthor, there was a lot of politics involved in him being hired for the Legion of Doom.[3]
  • Bane’s declaration of “Breaking the Batman…” is a reference to the classic storyline Batman: Knightfall.
  • His stature and look is very Batman: The Animated Series inspired but his camp and hammy antics are ripped from Tom Hardy’s Bane from The Dark Knight Trilogy.
  • The words on his coffee mug are "CAFFEINE IS MY RECKONING".
  • His origin also based on The Dark Knight Rises.



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